Thursday, April 30, 2015

Skye's Audition

A new model cries for real while being spanked

Skye's Revenge

Nadia plays Skye's mother in this role reversal video. Skye, having turned 18, is no longer willing to put up with corporal punishment from her mom. So she overpowers her and spanks her with her hand and with a belt over her skirt, then over pantyhose and finally on her bare butt.

Reform School Girl

Here is another custom made video which involves a weird relationship between a father and his grown daughter. Skye plays Tina who, with the help of her father, produces a short documentary. Tina's father is the warden at a reform school. She asks him to show her how he treats the inmates. In three scenes, she is frisked, stripped, handcuffed, and spanked by her all too willing co-star.

Nadia's Audition

Nadia likes to be spanked, but on this particular day, my hand seemed to be a bit much for her little butt.

Mommy Spanked Me

This is the sequel to "A Painful Memory". Natalie has Claudia and I act as her parents in a re-enactment of an incident from her past. In this sequel Natalie shows us what it was like when she was spanked by her mom just one day after her father had disciplined her.

Kristine Spanked Doggystyle

Watch this beautiful professional model as I spank her bare butt while she is on all fours. Two high definition camera angles to enjoy.

Fifty Shades of Pink

Tiara is sent home from school because her outfit is inappropriate. Her stepfather spanks her with his hand and then a paddle over her skirt. After being sent to her room, she realizes she is turned on by the discipline and begins to masterbate. Her stepfather catches her in the act and spanks her some more including a few smacks with the paddle on her bare butt.

Deidre's Pussy Spanking

When their parents leave Lisa is put in charge of her younger sister Deidre. Lisa gets tired of Deidre's attitude and spanks her otk by hand then hands on knees for the hairbrush. Later Deidre confesses to having sex with Lisa's boyfriend and gets her pussy spanked.

Deidre's Erotic Spanking

A customer hired me to spank Deidre's awesome butt with a little oil and some fondling and jiggling. A fun watch for butt worshippers. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Congressman's Daughter

Jessica is in disguise because her father is a state congressman. She had a very unusual and somewhat kinky relationship with him. She misses those times and wanted me to help her re-enact them.

Cassie's Audition

Model Cassie auditions; we see her ample booty spanked from three different angles.

Belting a Bubble Butt

Cassie plays the daughter of a very strict man. After some lies are discovered regarding her schoolwork, he spanks her with a wooden spoon and for extra measure, he gives her the belt as she lays face down on her bed.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kristine Spanked on Blue Jeans

Kristine plays a secretary. She gets spanked on her jeans in two scenes. In the first scene she is spanked topless and the second includes some spanking on her bare butt.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Paddling Britta

The girls from "Sorority Sisters" are back for another girl on girl video. In this one Britta has violated a sorority policy and it is Amanda's job to discipline her. She begins with her hand before switching to the hairbrush. Finally she uses the large sorority paddle on her. I don't think I've ever seen someone use full arm swings when using a hair brush on a girl's butt.