Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Mother/Daughter Fantasy"

The pictures in the post below are from a custom video shoot. The customer wanted a mother/daughter scenario. I had an older actress lined up to play the mom. At the last minute I couldnt reach her so Michelle had to stand in. We tried to make her look older but you kind of have to go along with it because she is only 24. Anna, the 18 year old Asian girl, drives me crazy in this shoot because she doesnt get completely naked and Michelle doesnt spank as hard as I would.
Tonight we have scheduled a shoot where I will spank this pretty young lady hard enough to make her cry. You can expect it to be in my online store very soon.

"Mother/Daughter Fantasy"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Custom Videos

Most of the clips in my store are taken from custom videos. Occasionally, I am hired to make a video for a single customer. These videos are sometimes very different from what I normally shoot because the customer wants a specific scenario that trips his or her trigger. If you would like to have one made for yourself, I can do it fairly inexpensively. Just email me for details.

Kim, my executive assistant

pictures of Heather

sample clip of Heather

spanking my stepdaughter

Heather handles a hard handspanking very well in the video "Spanking My 18 year old Stepdaughter". 15 minute download at